The GiRL survives on the island

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    Ripe coconut has a very dense and solid shell, which can be used without problems as a mug and even boil water. On this island, everything is valued except coconuts and everything they contain, so don’t worry about coconut water, there is more of it here than fresh water.
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@Rokta_Im_Girls +5

She definitely know how to survive in youtube ☠

Күн бұрын
@mcr0741 +95

Rules of survival:

21 күн бұрын
@BarbaraChambers-mm9sl +2

She definitely know how to survive in youtube ☠

Күн бұрын
@nolakazi +513

The coconut going to waste just pissed me off 😂

Күн бұрын
@josequiroz1355 +7

1. Destroyed the coconut water . 2. Boiled water and add instant coffee in a hot day. 3. Dehydration 😊

Күн бұрын
@dragonwarrioronWHI +98

Girl you know instead of dumping out prescious, refreshing coconut water to make a power drink in the shell, u could just DRINK THE COCONUT WATER🤣🤣🤣😭😭

Күн бұрын
@Michelle_Lavisa +29

I'll hire therapy if anyone wants it😊❤

Күн бұрын
@daflyinhawaiian2 +4

I cried when you drained all the Coconut Water out of the shell.

Күн бұрын
@Lies_Vaughan_Login_About +22

people definitely know how to survive in youtube 💀

21 сағат бұрын
@bunga-CHECK_MY_ABOUT__ +16

She knows EXACTLY what she’s doing😶‍🌫

21 сағат бұрын
@MyFantasy_Wrld396 +15

she got rid of the

14 күн бұрын
@brianborowski7368 +5

The thing I love most about your videos is that you don’t speak, and you really don’t need to. 👍👍

Күн бұрын
@Addison-kf4ez +23

step 1. Forget about the house in the background. Step 2. Bring your instant coffee. Step 3. Enjoy your instant coffee on a hot summer day

Күн бұрын
@divinepeneloppe2544 +8

She literally threw the coconut juice to make coffee 😂😭

14 күн бұрын
Rex Anderson +2
Rex Anderson

She allowed the juice to escape. We have a real genius amongst us folks !

21 сағат бұрын
@figarofigarini +3

You should always pack up some instant coffee whenever you're going out, you don't know when you need one

Күн бұрын
@TheSlimmshadyy +1

Really appreciate how you just threw away the nutrition rich coconut water and fruit content to make coffee. That's how survival works 😊

Күн бұрын
@shantomso +2

Step 1: Don't use coconut milk. Step 2: Don't use the meat from the coconut. 3. Create a cup out of coconut. Step 4: Separate

Күн бұрын

she later grills the fresh steak she found washed up on shore with the brand new grill she found hidden in the bushes, and then a bottle of red wine washes up right as shes ready to eat, gotta love island survival..

22 сағат бұрын
@bayathyasharahla5627 +2

Step 1: Waste coconut milk

14 күн бұрын


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